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Victoria Ivy Express is a K-12 private school with an emphasis on three major areas of study: the fields of medicine, biology and chemistry; technology; and liberal arts and business. Our mission is to provide maximum flexibility to our students, who are able to choose credit or non-credit courses, and group or one-on-one sessions. Our comprehensive K-12 curriculum ranges from state standard and ELD courses to AP and competition-level courses.

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About Us

Victoria Ivy Express’ purpose is to serve students who struggle within the public school system. We believe that each student has a unique situation that must be addressed individually. While many students may fit well within the public school system, we’ve found that there are quite a few who need more specialized attention and guidance to reach their full potential.

At Victoria Ivy Express, we provide a holistic education that teaches students how to think and communicate. Within these parameters, we aim to be as flexible as possible so that each of our students can receive, for his or her circumstances, the ideal education.

Victoria Ivy Express
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Victoria Ivy Express
Our experienced team understands and does our very best to take care of each prospective student’s needs. Start your child’s journey to a successful future today.