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Dr. James Lin
Dr. James Lin
Dr. James Lin, M.D., studied Biology (including Ecology, Evolution & Plants) at UC Berkeley and graduated with high honors. He has a Master’s degree in Evolution & Animal Behavior, and studied Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics and Physiology in medical school.

Dr. Lin teaches classes offered in the Victoria Ivy Express Biology Program. Started in 2012, it includes Honors Biology, AP Biology prep, as well as college-level, intermediate, and advanced Biology classes.

RJ Yang
RJ Yang

Mr. RJ Yang received high honors in both Computer Engineering and Economics from Dartmouth College, and went on to work at Bridgewater Associates as an investment logic engineer before joining the Victoria Ivy Express Education Group. He is currently part of the Booth Scholars program and specializes in algorithms and mathematical finance.

RJ has been teaching with Victoria Ivy Express for 10 years and is highly enthusiastic about teaching students to think algorithmically. This translates into excellent performance in the USACO competition. RJ now heads the algorithmic competition curriculum within the Victoria Ivy Express Education Group.

John Evans
Dr. John Evans

Dr. John Evans received his BA from UC Berkeley in Plasma and High-Temperature Physics, and completed his PhD in Physics at UCLA. He then worked as a Plasma Physicist at UCLA for 7 years before finding his way into education. Dr. John has been teaching for 12 years, and has taught at the Victoria Ivy Express Education Group for the past 8 years.

Dr. John Evans is passionate about teaching students math and physics at a collegiate level. Therefore, he is our primary go-to for AP level math and physics courses.
Nicolas Zhang
Niclas Zhang
Nicolas Xuan-Yi Zhang is the Central Bank engagement manager at the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, a collaboration with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, which Nicolas joined after his graduate studies and research at MIT in mathematics and computer science.
Mathematics and computer science were also Nicolas’ fields in France, where he grew up and did his undergraduate studies (Ecole des Mines de Paris), and also recieved his first Master’s degree (Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris).
Ruby Zhang
Ruby (Ruishan) Zhang
Ruby (Ruishan) Zhang completed her Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics at the University of Chicago. She previously worked at the Center for the Economics of Human Development, where she analyzed the long-term health outcomes of early childhood care programs. She also worked at Harvard University where she analyzed the determinants of socioeconomic inequality. She is currently completing her economics Ph.D. at Harvard University.
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